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At Dutch Detective Agency, we have a great deal of experience and are excellent judges of character on which to base our observations. An observation is an exceptionally effective method for monitoring how your field staff, representative or trucker handles his or her freedom. This is not just a matter of following or observing someone. A great deal of insight is required to predict how a situation will develop, and anticipate it.

For example, we can investigate whether your employee did not come to work for health reasons, as claimed. We can quickly discover whether your employee is doing chores at home, or has a second job. Observation of the home situation may also be required. The situation may arise that you require greater insight into the behavior of your partner. For example, if your partner keeps arriving home late with unlikely excuses, or when you suspect your child has inappropriate friends.

We are ready to provide clarity in these matters. In such situations, we always act with our hearts, for the simple reason that we, too, have families.

We perform thorough investigations, involving the most modern research methods. We work quickly and cost efficiently, and are always discreet. You will remain current of our investigation by logging in to our secure online client dossier.

Dutch Detective Agency knows what is at stake.

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