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Internal investigation

Dutch Detective Agency has years of experience with the incidents that take place within an organization. Not every employee or visitor to your company, such as a supplier, will be able to resist the temptation of stealing goods or money. Unfortunately, this happens far too often and is usually done with great finesse, so that the act is difficult to prove.

Dutch Detective Agency applies a great range of investigative methods to determining what is being taken from your company, and by whom. We proceed with camera surveillance, interviews with colleagues, or a thorough internal investigation. It goes without saying that we remain within the limits of the law at all times.

All our findings will be recorded in a conclusive report which will provide the necessary foundation for any further steps you wish to take. If you prefer, you may rely on collaboration with our detective. The detective can act as a witness in case of legal procedures. We will also stand by your side when you confront the person in question with our discoveries.

Dutch Detective Agency is a recognized detective agency with accurate, efficient and cost-effective methods. We work according to privacy regulations, and maintain strict confidentiality. You can stay current on the developments in the investigation by logging in to our online client dossier system.

Experience has taught us that a theft that is brought to light quickly is a deterrent that radically decreases the risk of a repeat offense. You can concentrate on your business without concern.

Dutch Detective Agency is your partner for worry-free business.

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