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Finding missing persons

Dutch Detective Agency can help you find a missing person. When a loved one disappears, a deeply emotional situation ensues. Thanks to our efficient and effective methods, we will achieve positive results quickly. Our extensive network of detectives can help you trace a missing person. Dutch Detective Agency will support you during the investigation.

You can also turn to Dutch Detective Agency if the missing person has financial motivations. In such a case, we will act resolutely and effectively. We start with a digital investigation, using all available resources to uncover a trail. Next, we will start a dynamic field investigation. Everybody leaves trails in their daily lives. Dutch Detective Agency has the expertise and tenacity to discover where a person is, in a professional manner.

We have in-house tools and knowledge, and also work across national borders. We go to every extreme to meet our own high standards, as you would expect from a top quality detective agency.

Privacy regulations and confidentiality agreements apply to all our investigations. You can stay up to date with the ongoing investigation by accessing our secure online client dossier, whenever and from wherever you desire.

Dutch Detective Agency understands your expectations.

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