• Investigation of insurance fraud
    Dutch Detective Agency investigates insurance fraud. We help insurance agencies determine whether their customer has submitted a fraudulent claim. We ascertain the validity of the claim following a thorough and professional investigation.
  • Investigation of adultery
    Do you suspect your partner is being unfaithful? Dutch Detective Agency can help you with a thorough, confidential and efficient investigation of potential adultery. We will discover what is really going on.
  • Integrity investigation
    Are you in doubt about the integrity of one of the employees at your company? Contact Dutch Detective Agency for a professional and discrete integrity investigation. We will discover whether your employee is willfully leaking information.
  • Investigation of alimony reduction
    Do you suspect you are paying your ex-partner too much alimony, perhaps because their income status has changed? Dutch Detective Agency will discover whether you have a right to alimony reduction. We provide the evidence needed to support your rights.
  • Internal investigations
    Dutch Detective Agency can investigate theft at your business, perhaps instigated by a visitor or employee at the company. We collect evidence of the potential theft, so that you will have the proper factual basis on which to undertake further steps.
  • Observations
    You can hire Dutch Detective Agency to perform an observation. We observe the person who you suspect is not telling the truth. We will be able to provide clarity.
  • Finding missing persons
    Dutch Detective Agency can assist you in finding a missing person. We have the expertise and means to discover where a missing person can be found. We will stop at nothing in our efforts.
  • Screening people
    Do you want to know exactly who you are dealing with when you hire a new employee, or engage with a new business partner? Dutch Detective Agency can perform a screening that will provide the necessary information regarding the person in question.
  • Screening companies
    Are you entering a business relationship with a company, and want to limit your financial risks? Dutch Detective Agency can provide the necessary information about your business partners by screening such aspects as the liquidity, history and reliability of the company.

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Good for you to know when you contact us, we will always handle your question with great care. Many different issues are presented to us, our job is to provide a suitable solution. Discreet and professional. We not only supply the research, we focus on solving the problem. Optionally with legal advice. Therewith we do exactly what you expect from us: a thorough investigation, with a common goal.

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