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Alimony reduction

Dutch Detective Agency can help you achieve reduced alimony. After a divorce, the amount of alimony is determined in the divorce agreement. The size of the amount is determined by a judge. If your ex-partner experiences a change in income, or if he or she is cohabiting with a new partner, the amount of alimony will be affected. If you suspect this to be the case with your ex-partner, please get in touch with the Dutch Detective Agency. We will discover whether income from salary is in play, as well as the employer who is paying your ex-partner. In case of cohabitation, it will be determined whether the situation concerns a shared household and lasting emotional relationship.

Dutch Detective Agency will always perform its investigations in accordance with the law, terms and conditions, and privacy regulations. By logging in to your personal online dossier, you will be able to stay current on the investigation as it develops. You can log in via a secure connection with your unique code and password, whenever is convenient to you.

The decision for alimony reduction must be determined by the judge. We recommend hiring an attorney before you approach the court to file a request for alimony reduction. This could be your own attorney, but you may also choose one of the attorneys connected to our firm.

Please feel free to contact Dutch Detective Agency to discuss your situation, your options and any costs involved.

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